Can one PD instrument effectively assess all high voltage equipment?

Iris Power Webinar - February 24 at1pm Central Europe Time (CET)

Join our expert Howard Sedding on February 24, 2021 to learn more about the question of whether one PD detector can be effectively used to assess insulation condition regardless of the type of sensor and object under test, e.g., rotating machines, cables, switchgear, etc. 


  • Plant personnel, rotating machine engineers, reliability engineers or if you are involved with rotating machine. Join us to get answers of any problems you are facing, an interesting idea you want to share, a doubt you have or to share your knowledge on assets.


Howard Sedding is currently employed by Iris Power - Qualitrol as an Insulation Engineer. He has been involved in, or responsible for numerous projects related to the specification, testing, monitoring and maintenance of solid, liquid and gaseous electrical insulation systems in all of the major items of high voltage equipment.