Contemporary Condition Monitoring Technologies for Stator and Rotor Windings of induction Motors

Iris Power Webinar - September 15th -1pm EDT


Join us for our latest webinar on "Contemporary Condition Monitoring Technologies for Stator and Rotor Windings of induction Motors" given by our industry expert Connor Chan.

In this webinar we will talk about using current signature analysis to detect broken bars and eccentric air gap of Cage Rotors, which can cause serious collateral damage if these problems are not noticed early. We will also discuss using partial discharge measurement to monitor the condition of the stator winding insulation, especially about how the set up needs to be modified for VFD motors.


  • Partial Discharge for stator winding insulation – this would be applicable for both induction and synchronous motors
  • Additional attention to VFD driven motor
  • Current Signature for squirrel cage rotor
  • Should 3.3 and 4.16 kV motors be monitored?

  • The webinar is directed at engineering and maintenance personnel who purchase, test, maintain, and/or repair high voltage rotating machines. Consultants, manufacturers and repair shop personnel are also welcome.



connor chan


Connor Chan  has been employed with Iris Power L.P. since 2001 and is currently a Rotating Machines Engineer.  Prior to this position, he was Field Service Manager. Connor Chan graduated in electrical engineering from the University of Hong Kong.  He is a Member of the Institution of Engineering & Technology (formerly the Institution of Electrical Engineers), the Institution of Engineers Australia and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer, and is a Chartered Engineer.