Free Webinar - Comprehensive Transformer Condition Monitoring

Fleet assessments can be challenging. Especially, if you are looking to upgrade your power equipment using modern solutions that are scalable, cost-effective, reliable and acceptable for our region.

Join us our virtual event titled: "Comprehensive Transformer Condition Monitoring"  where our experts will tackle commonly asked questions they hear in the field, in addition to a technical overview.

If you find yourself asking similar questions:

  • - If dissolved gas is needed, then what gases should I use? Is accuracy or trend more effective?
  • - How do I approach bushing monitoring?
  • - Do partial discharge measurements matter?
  • - How do I consider loading?

You're not alone in questioning the multitude of technologies and monitoring options that are available today. Our 30 minute Live webinar will address the most commonly asked questions while allowing for LIVE Q&A to answer YOUR own questions.

Live Webinar - Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at 3PM GMT +1

Eliminate the challenges or confusion around comprehensive transformer condition monitor in just 1 hour. Register now for this virtual event and you can learn the following:

  • - Importance of Transformer Monitoring

  • - Common Transformer Failure Modes

  • - Current Industry Trends

  • - Transformer CBM & Monitored Parameters

  • - DGA Basics: Generated Gases & Diagnostic Tools

  • - PD Basics: Physics, Transformer Defects & Sensor Types

  • - Hot Spot Winding 

  • - GaAs Operating Principles & Fiber Optics

  • - Monitoring Moisture in Oil

and much more including load current and monitoring, system voltage, cooler operating and conservator tank bladder. This extensive event covers not only the answers to most commonly asked questions, but also core monitoring concepts. 

Don't miss out, and save your virtual seat today.


About the Presenter



Emilio Morales is a Technical Application Specialist in Transformer applications at Qualitrol Company LLC. His focus is to support solutions in comprehensive monitoring for Transformer applications Emilio attended Nuevo Leon State University in Mexico, receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Electro Mechanical Engineering in 1980. Emilio has spent his entire career in the power transformer manufacturing industry. His has over 30 years of experience in design which includes transformers up to 500 MVA and 500 kV as well as furnace and rectifier transformers and different type of reactors. He is member of the IEEE/PES Transformer Committee, IEC and CIGRE and actively participating in different task forces. Emilio joined Qualitrol in June 2012 and previously worked with GE-Prolec, Ohio Transformer, Sunbelt Transformer and Efacec Power Transformers.