Qualitrol Days Registration - Jeddah

June 12, 2023  |  Holiday Inn Jeddah Gateway

Join us on June 12th at Holiday Inn Jeddah Gateway for a focused seminar on Grid Monitoring and Traveling Wave Fault Location. Led by our expert, David Cole, this event promises in-depth knowledge sharing and networking opportunities for professionals in the electric power transmission and distribution industry.

Why Register for Qualitrol Days?

Qualitrol Days is more than just an event. It's an experience that will allow you to:

  • Delve into the essentials of Comprehensive Transformer Monitoring, GIS and Breaker Condition Assessment, and Grid Monitoring and Traveling Wave Fault Location with our expert hosts Emilio Morales, Thomas Linn, and David Cole.
  • Obtain practical knowledge and insights that you can apply immediately to enhance your operations' efficiency and reliability.
  • Network with industry professionals, thought leaders, and the Qualitrol team.
  • Stay informed about the latest industry trends and technological advancements.

Benefits of attending

  • Gain actionable insights on technical developments in grid monitoring.
  • Learn about fault data recording, analytics, and TWFL techniques and equipment.
  • Network with industry professionals and thought leaders, including our host, David Cole.

Event Agenda

June 12th in Jeddah and June 13th in Riyadh

Grid Monitoring and Traveling Wave Fault Location

Host:   David Cole/ Qualitrol Technical Application Specialist
- Grid Monitoring technical developments
- Fault data recording and analytics
- Dynamic System Monitoring
- TWFL techniques and equipment
- TWFL and Wide Area Measurements via PMU

June 12th in Khobar

Comprehensive Transformer monitoring

Host: Emilio Morales/ Qualitrol Technical Application Specialist
- Parameters good to know
- understanding Failour modes based on the parameters
- centralized multi asset analytics and fleet assessment

GIS and Breaker condition assessment

Host:   Thomas Linn/ Qualitrol Technical Application Specialist
- GIS PD monitoring – How to
- GIS PD monitoring - experiences
- Comprehensive GIS condition assessment
- short intro on High Voltage breaker condition assessment

Elevate Your Expertise with Qualitrol Days

As our industry rapidly evolves, keeping up with the pace demands continuous learning and adaptation. Qualitrol Days is your chance to stay ahead of the curve, connect with the best minds in the industry, and elevate your understanding and skills to a new level.

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