WHITEPAPER: Outline Specification for a 609PDM (Partial Discharge Monitoring) system for Online Monitoring of PD in Transformers

Partial Discharge monitoring system (PDM) will be supplied for UHF online monitoring of Partial Discharge (PD) in transformers.  
The contractor shall be responsible for the design, supply, delivery, installation, site testing and commissioning of the complete PDM system. The contractor shall arrange for PDM manufacturer to be present throughout the commissioning of the PDM system.  
On the transformer, a partial discharge monitoring system (PDM, the System) will continuously collect partial discharge data using UHF technique from the monitored couplers (sensors). The partial discharge data shall be stored locally and transferred automatically to the company headquarters (using remote client) at intervals. The users must be able to access the data through remote client interfaces.  
The System shall indicate to the operator at the control room via SCADA alarms when the transferred data indicates partial discharge behaviour which requires his attention. On receiving such an indication, the operator will be able to retrieve and display partial discharge data from the coupler concerned using remote client interface to enable them to decide on action to be taken.
The partial discharge data shall be displayed in a way that allows the operator to recognise and indicate an increase in severity (trend analysis) of Partial Discharge. It shall be necessary to be able to recognise signals from partial discharges and external sources of interference.  
PDM system shall have the provision for external noise antenna for  assisting  in removal of external interfering signals (radar, radio, telecommunications, etc..), which are not associated with partial discharges in the transformer.  Such signals are to be filtered out or suppressed completely in the PD detection/measurement system.

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