WHITEPAPER: Specifications for the Qualitrol 509ITM-200 Intelligent Transformer Monitor

The Qualitrol 509ITM-200 (Transformer Cooling Monitor) shall be a microprocessor based Intelligent Electronic Monitor capable of accepting up to eight inputs for measuring and/or monitoring a wide array of transformer parameters. The Monitor must also be able to use these input parameters to control up to eight relays for local control of customer selected devices (e.g. cooling systems, alarms, trip). The Monitor shall also have the ability to transmit the measured variables through a RS485 and/or Ethernet and/or fiber optic communications port using protocols DNP 3.0 level 3, Modbus, IEC 60870, IEC 61850 or ASCII. The 509ITM-200 shall also come in a variety of packaging schemes to allow for customer mounting on the transformer, in the control cabinet or in a nineteen inch rack.

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