WHITEPAPER: QTMS Specification Sheet

Our QTMS (Qualitrol Transformer Monitoring System) is our new monitoring system that can connect multiple devices and outputs to show an asset fleet health on one screen at any time. Get rid of the need to look at multiple monitors and gauges and let the QTMS do it for you.

The transformer monitor shall provide data integration platform, cooling supervision & monitoring. User configurable without need of a technician, a 100% configurable to specific customer requirement.

Parameters to Monitor: The transformer monitor shall be fully capable of monitoring the key parameters of transformers such as pressure rises, temperature swings (ambient, oil, simulated winding and direct winding), liquid level, DGA – gas formation and accumulation, partial discharges (PD) inside the transformer tank, capacitive bushing monitoring, Geomagnetically Induced Current (GIC), cooling system and Load Tap Changer (LTC) functionality.

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