Interested in Adding Circuit Breaker Monitoring?

Are you sure your circuit breaker is protecting your most costly assets? Do you know your circuit breaker is really working? As maintenance costs continue to rise, adding circuit breaker monitoring can be a great way to help predict when your circuit breakers will need servicing while protecting your substation assets from failing. 


Meet Qualitrol's One Box Solution for Circuit Breaker Monitoring

Qualitrol’s new QBCM is a one box solution for complete circuit breaker condition monitoring. Modular and highly customizable, the QBCM helps reduce unscheduled asset downtime, increases reliability, and improves safety by applying the right analytics mix to your maintenance strategy. Deliver lasting value with a solution which is optimized to deliver the highest cost savings within the shortest possible payback period. Gain new insights with a unique smart pattern matching algorithm that can catch critical issues even if the circuit breaker data is not available or known.


Enhance Workflows and Protect Critical Infrastructure

Adding any new technology can be difficult without the right information in hand to present upstream. Download our free webinar titled: "Building a Business Case for Circuit Breaker Monitoring and Selling ROI Upstream" where our experts will arm you with comprehensive information on the benefits of Circuit Breaker Monitoring.

You can expect to learn the following:

- The Ins, Outs of Circuit Breaker Monitoring

- Guide to Common Failures and Causes

- Improving ROI & Pitfalls to Avoid

- Installation Costs & Risks

- Commissioning Costs

- Pattern Comparison vs. Absolute Alarms

- Early Warning Signs for Maintenance Schedule Optimization

- Modularity and Gradual Investment Potential

- How to Invest in Steps

- Qualitrol's Solution: QBCM



Electrical Engineer - Politecinico di Milano (Italy)


  • - 4 years Qualitrol Technical Application Specialist: Circuit Breaker Monitoring
  • - 23 Years ABB (Technology Manager Surge Arrester Development, High Voltage Circuit Breaker Project Manager, GIS and Circuit Breaker R&D Manager, Short Circuit Laboratory)

CIGRE Membership:

  • - JEG A3.43 convener - Tools for Lifecycle management of T&D Switchgear
    based on data from condition monitoring systems
  • - WG A3.39 - Application and field experience with Metal Oxide Surge Arresters
  • - WG A3.32 Non-intrusive methods for condition assessment of distribution and transmission Switchgears
  • - WG A3,19 - Line fault phenomena and their implications for 3-phase short- and long-line fault clearing

oIEC Membership

  • - MT40 – Electrical endurance high voltage circuit breakers
  • - PT 50 – Guide for IEC 62271-100