Qualitrol 10: Xpert Services - Transformer and Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)

How to get the most out of your partial discharge monitoring system?


In Episode 10, Qualitrol's Xpert Service team explains common pitfalls of partial discharge monitoring systems including real scenarios encountered in the field. Our experts discuss capturing major transformer faults with partial discharge monitoring, as well as how when contained partial discharge disturbances can give you a good picture into transformer health.
Qualtirol's Xpert Services discuss how to interpret partial discharge data and important questions to ask: do you have transformer operators on your team to analyze partial discharge, do you have the time and experience required to review partial discharge signals?
With decades of experience, Qualitrol's team of experts interpret partial discharge data all day, everyday. We see signals from different countries, different voltage classes and can provide partial discharge reporting quickly. Since we are not equipment manufacturers, Qualitrol offers unbiased opinions on the questions you need answered.

For more information on field service, or other Qualitrol offerings, contact info@qualitrolcorp.com or visit our website at www.qualitrolcorp.com.

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