Episode 7 - Gas Updates in the TM8

We're excited to announce some new changes to the gas cylinders in our TM8 DGA. With updates that provide longer gas life and reduce maintenance costs. These changes help make the TM8 the most cost effective DGA in the market.

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Meet your Presenters:

Donal Skelly

Donal Skelly is the product manager for our Serveron products, specializing in Dissolved Gas Analyzers. He has years of experience in the DGA field and has helped us out with numerous webinars in the past.

Matt Munson

Matt Munson is a member of our marketing team, responsible for handling customer requests, and ensuring customer satisfaction across our product lines. Matt will be moderating our podcast series. He can be reached at mmunson@qualitrolcorp.com with questions about current podcasts or suggestions for future episodes.