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Episode 3 - Retrofitting Gauges On Transformers

Looking for more info on retrofitting gauges? Check out the product page for our universal gauge here.

Join us for episode 3 of the Qualitrol Podcast, in this episode we talk about how to retrofit new gauges onto your existing transformers. We'll cover what exactly is needed to retrofit and what are the easiest options. Our experts also recommend you have at least one emergency gauge on hand in case of a failure. You can view our Universal Gauge brochure here. Like what you hear and have any questions or suggestions for future episodes, you can always contact us directly by giving us a call +1 585.643.3717 or send an email to info@qualitrolcorp.com

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Meet your Presenters:

Eric Schneider

eric-104-min.jpgEric Schneider is an Electrical Engineer who is a part of our Application Engineer group. Eric has over 35 years of experience with electromechanical power devices. His work in the power industry includes system design, on site commissioning, and troubleshooting, both remote and on site.






Praveen Koya


Praveen Koya is our Application Engineer Supervisor with 4 years of experience in transformer monitoring equipment, specifically in electro mechanical sensors that measures temperature, flow, pressure and fiber optics. He also has experience with training and commissioning electronic monitors. He over see’s the Application Engineering team at Fairport. He has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology.






Matt Munson (Host)

matt2.jpgMatt Munson is a member of our marketing team, responsible for handling customer requests, and ensuring customer satisfaction across our product lines. Matt will be moderating our podcast series. He can be reached at mmunson@qualitrolcorp.com with questions about current podcasts or suggestions for future episodes.