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Welcome to Qualitrol's Podcast

Episode 1 - Everything you need to know about the Qualitrol 930 Rapid Pressure Rise Relay

Looking for more info on Rapid Pressure Relays? Check out the Qualitrol 930 RPRR here.

In this episode, we go in depth on the in's and out's of the Qualitrol 930 RPRR, while discussing rapid pressure rise relay basics. Rapid pressure rise relays are not only just for critical transformer monitors, and are now required to be tested by NERC. We also discuss the benefits of going electronic versus mechanical.

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Meet your Presenters:

Jesse Baker


Jesse Baker is currently a Commercial Operations Manager, responsible for Global Application Engineering and Customer Service support for Qualitrol’s Asset Protection line. He has been in the Power Industry for nearly 10 years, working in house and in the field as a product expert for Qualitrol substations protection equipment.




Stacy Downs


Stacy Downs has been in Product Management at Qualitrol for the past 5 years.  She oversaw the Asset Protection and Neoptix product lines globally, with the main focus being transformer protection devices.  Prior to this she worked as an engineer at Qualitrol, launching their first single gas hydrogen sensor.  Stacy has had previous experience in hydrogen fuel cell research and development at General Motors for 5 years before joining Qualitrol.



 Matt Munson


Matt Munson is a member of our marketing team, responsible for handling customer requests, and ensuring customer satisfaction across our product lines. Matt will be moderating our podcast series. He can be reached at mmunson@qualitrolcorp.com with questions about current podcasts or suggestions for future episodes.