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Tips and Tricks for Gauge Testing

Watch on demand a quick look at testing transformer gauges. Check out footage of our expert demonstrating quick testing procedures on sudden pressure relays, pressure relief devices, liquid level, and temperature gauges. 

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Testing 101

What to test and when?

Maintaining your transformer is crucial for keeping the power on. Without proper maintenance, your assets could be headed for failure. Luckily, proper testing of your transformer accessories helps prevent unplanned outages down the road.

We'll cover the following equipment:

  • Temperature gauges
  • Rapid pressure relays
  • Pressure relief devices
  • Liquid level gauges


Replacing older gauges

During your visual maintenance inspections, if you experience any of the below, it may be time to reach out:

  • inoperable
  • failed test
  • false readings
  • physically damaged

Retrofitting gauges is easier than you think. Qualitrol offers both universal options and can customize an option for you, even if it's an obsolete manufacturer.


For those critical assets

Only power source in town? Keeping the lights on at a hospital? How confident are you in the reliability of your monitoring?

Qualitrol offers monitoring solutions to gather and communicate critical asset information. We'll briefly cover this topic in our virtual classroom but if you're looking for more information now, you can reach out to us here.

Qualitrol's virtual classroom: Tips and Tricks for Transformer Gauges

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  • Testing 101
  • Retrofitting
  • Upgrades
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