On demand webinar on Monitoring in Vault Transformers.

Vault Transformer Monitoring is recognized internationally as highly difficult and expensive to implement properly. Problems that arise inside the transformer can occur rapidly and are often missed with traditional offline testing. This can lead to accelerated aging of the asset and occasionally it can even result in dramatic failure events. Qualitrol's rugged, cost-effective, monitoring solutions offer you a way to mitigate the risk failing transformers can cause to you, your company and the public.

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What advantages are there to Vault Monitoring with Qualitrol?

  • Dissolved Gas Analysis - True PPM values of Hydrogen, No membranes or moving parts, fully submersible. Our Vault DGA is essential to keep your vault transformer running smoothly.
  • Temperature Monitoring - Get remote temperature monitoring from anywhere. No more having to climb down into the vault to see how the transformer is doing
  • Liquid Level - Know whenever your asset isn't at the right level. No more having to constantly check and hope all of the liquid is still where it should be.
  • Pressure and Pressure Relief - Pressure can be a transformer's worst enemy. With proper pressure monitoring and relief, you'll know as soon as it happens.
  • Total Transformer Monitoring - Having all of the monitoring tools in your asset is great, but what if you didn't have to keep going down there to see how the transformer is performing?

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